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In the last year, Taylor Swift has not only cemented her status as a music industry titan; she has also redefined fan engagement and live performance standards with her Eras Tour. This spectacular tour has obliterated the competition, showcasing Swift’s unparalleled ability to connect with audiences across the globe. Amidst this whirlwind of success, Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelets have emerged as a trendy way for loyalists to celebrate their connection to the pop icon — and some luxury jewellers have even jumped on the bandwagon.

It all began with a single line, a beckoning of sorts. “Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment, and taste it,” Taylor Swift encouraged her fans in her 2022 anthem You’re On Your Own Kid from the celebrated album Midnights. In the spirit of true Swiftie devotion, the song’s bridge soon transcended music to become a global rallying cry. Fans belted it with fervour and took her call for friendship bracelets to heart.

With the launch of her Eras Tour in March 2023, what was once a nostalgic nod to childhood summers became the year’s most coveted fashion statement, transforming concert attire and uniting fans in a vibrant display of community spirit.

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets — a fashion phenomenon

A fan of luxury friendship bracelets herself, Taylor Swift wore the TNT bracelet from Wove at one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ games, where her boyfriend Travis Kelce was playing. (Image: Robb Carr/Getty Images)

Whether as a piece of memorabilia or a token of participation within the Swiftie community, these bracelets are stirring up a storm in the world of fashion, with every brand that’s any brand wanting in on the trend. Take Kendall Junck, whose start-up jewellery brand, Wove, became the go-to choice for luxury Taylor Swift friendship bracelets in 2023. While her label had been manufacturing them independently, she was shocked to see the 34-year-old icon sporting her creation at a Kansas City Chiefs game alongside her boyfriend, NFL star Travis Kelce.

“We were floored,” Junck told Business Insider about the custom piece, which features the letters “TNT” for Taylor and Travis. Within a day of its appearance on the game broadcast, Junck saw her website traffic soar by 2,260%, alongside a 477% surge in sales. Tthere was also a significant rise in requests for custom orders.

In Australia, the trend’s uptick has been reflected in an unusual way: in the sale of beads across craft stores, with some Brisbane locals calling the phenomenon “The Great Bead Shortage”. Paul Georgiou, manager at Bead, Trimming, and Co, which specialises in selling beads in wholesale quantities, noted a significant demand for their products in relation to dance concerts and film costume design.

However, he remarked that the Eras tour stands out distinctly. “Taylor Swift is her own economy,” he humorously told The Guardian following the sale of over 20,000 individual bracelets in the wake of Swift’s announcement of the Australian leg of her tour.

taylor swift luxury friendship bracelets
Taylor Swift wearing an Erimish friendship bracelet with beads emblazoned with 87, which is Travis Kelce’s number on his team. It was apparently a gift from Randi Mahomes, mother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. (Image: David Elluit/ Getty Images)

Finance service Klarna has also observed a 915% spike in purchases of friendship bracelet kits in September, while recent statistics from eBay indicate a staggering 15,200% jump in the sale of friendship bracelets. Furthermore, a niche market for Swift-inspired bracelet creations has flourished, with sellers offering their custom designs on Etsy and Instagram.

Luxury friendship bracelets that Taylor Swift herself would adore

Custom diamond friendship bracelet from Wove

Designed by Michelle Wie West, the diamond tennis friendship bracelet that made headlines as T-Swift’s TNT bracelet is an invitation for the best kind of customisation Swifties can buy. With personalisation available for buyers to choose their own letters, this piece celebrates the cherished bonds of friendship. Pricing is adjusted based on the selection and style of the initial beads. Those who opt for diamond initials can expect each to be meticulously crafted with 0.05ctw to 0.13ctw G+/SI+ lab-grown diamonds set in 14k solid gold, totalling approximately 4.5ctw. With luxury at the forefront, each incredibly beautiful bracelet is a timeless treasure of personal expression. 

Candy gem bracelet from Scosha

Drenched in a kaleidoscope of gemstones, Scosha’s Candy Collection is the embodiment of T-Swift-inspired sophistication. This bracelet isn’t just a piece of jewellery; it’s a sartorial statement, blending bohemian chic with meticulous craftsmanship. The accessory combines the vibrant hues of turquoise, lapis lazuli, pink opal, and moonstone, each bead a testament to Scosha’s artisanal prowess. The collection’s pièce de résistance? A solid gold or silver button closure, flirtatiously punctuated with a diamond bead that catches the light — and envy — in equal measures. From 8-10mm mixed gemstones to the inclusion of vintage African beads, these bracelets are everything you want to put your money on — especially if you’re on your way to the Eras Tour concert in Singapore!

Wrap bead bracelet from Tiffany & Co

Swifties love beautiful things, and they would surely love to adorn their wrists in beads from iconic jewellers Tiffany & Co. The jewellery giant has long realised their prowess and charm in creating coveted pieces, and this Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelet with its beaded accessories is a stunning tribute to the global superstar. Featuring a striking combination of sterling silver beads and freshwater pearls, the iconic bracelet also carries a heart tag set with a round brilliant diamond – a signature gem that spells Tiffany’s.

An assortment of bracelets from Roxanne Assoulin

Quite arguably the most Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelet to exist on the market, Roxanne Assoulin’s collection is what every Swiftie dreams of. Several iterations of brightly beaded and gold-tone stretch enamel bracelet options exist. One can purchase them as singular bands, or as a stack, making them a versatile and customisable option for everyone. Roxanne Assoulin even gives you the option to choose from thin and thick beads, depending what you’re into!

Rose des Vents cuff bracelet from Dior

Probably one of the more eclectic bracelets on this list, Dior’s Victoire de Castellane collection is the Maison’s imagination of the eight-pointed star design that gracefully dances between tradition and innovation. Encased in a delicate ring of beading, each piece is a marvel of craftsmanship, allowing the wearer to alternate between the mesmerising beauty of gemstones and the iconic wind rose motif.

Crafted from the lushest 18K yellow, pink, and white gold and studded with diamonds totaling 3.07 carats, the bracelet transcends mere adornment to become a talisman of fortune and a testament to luxury. With each turn, the bracelet reveals a new facet of its charm, showcasing sumptuous mother-of-pearl, vibrant malachite, deep lapis lazuli, sleek onyx, serene turquoise, the warm glow of tiger’s eye, fiery carnelian, and the soft hues of pink opal.

Sugar crush bracelet from Aisha Baker

While Aisha Baker’s piece is an homage to the candy bracelets we often lusted after as kids, the haute couture piece is everything a Swiftie would love to own — bright and colourful embodiments of the spirit of the Eras Tour. Crafted from 18k gold, the quirky piece features a roster of gems including multicoloured sapphires, rubies, tourmaline, emeralds, topaz, amethyst, peridot, turquoise, and enamel. The interlaced lucky charms are meant to symbolise happiness, luck, and longevity — a motto fans abide by for themselves as well as for their icon, the queen mother Taylor.

Diamond and gold beads bracelet from Temple & Grace

In the Swiftie fandom, where every friendship bracelet tells the story of devotion, Temple & Grace’s piece takes on a new dimension of elegance and luxury with this unique and captivating design. Crafted in gleaming 18K gold, this bracelet seamlessly blends the colourful array of sartorial elements that Swifties treasure. Framed with gold beads and illuminated by 8.40 carats of dazzling diamonds, it introduces a touch of glamour and luxury to the symbolic world of friendship bracelets. Available in 18K white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum 950, this handmade jewel elevates the concert fashion aesthetic, merging the spirited camaraderie of fans with the unparalleled beauty of fine jewellery.

(Main and Featured Image: David Elluit/Getty Images )

Frequently Asked Questions:

– Why do girls love friendship bracelets?

Girls are especially fond of friendship bracelets as they’re the embodiments of a shared bond. It is a way to express your love to a friend and can be used to add a touch of sentimentality to a piece of jewellery.

– What do you write on a Swiftie bracelet?

Many options for customising your own bracelet exist, especially for a DIY project. However, some of the most popular quotes/words to put on your Taylor Swift-inspired friendship bracelet would include lyrics such as ‘Karma is my boyfriend‘, ‘Meet me at midnight‘, ‘All the magic we made‘, or ‘I’m the problem. It’s me‘.

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