Maison Kitsuné's Baby Fox Campaign Starring Jennie Kim

For Spring 2024, Maison Kitsuné reveals Baby Fox: a new and boldy feminine womenswear collection, worn by K-pop icon Jennie Kim and photographed in Korea by Jongha Park.

Throughout the collection, pop pastels take centre stage – at once feminine and luminous. It is the same energy embodied by Jennie Kim, who appeared as a creative muse for the collection as well as its campaign.

Her bold, idiosyncratic style, which blends streetwear with couture, is the exact embodiment of the Baby Fox spirit.

Equally, the unique spirit of Seoul – its bright colours and neon signs, which appear in harmony with both traditional and innovative architecture – is directly celebrated by Maison Kitsuné, whose foundations for success were built across Korea.

Drawing on their beloved logo, the Baby Fox becomes an icon for Spring, dressed in the sweetly vibrant colours of the season.

Tone on tone, its appearance highlights the brand’s meticulous attention to detail, and the irreverence which always sits at its heart.

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