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As trends evolve and make way for new iterations, we see a big shift in grey hair — from coverage to blending and embracing. Gray hair is very much an individual expression, the same way your cut and style, or natural hair texture is — it is unique to you. And no matter your style, we have plenty of tips and suggestions to capture your gray hair in its best light.

Gray Coverage Options as Unique as You Are

Embrace & Enhance

The numbers are rising — each year more and more clients are choosing to embrace their grays instead of completely covering them. If this sounds like you, Redken’s Silver Strong collection is a beautiful way to enhance your shades. With hues that include Titanium, Pearl, Green Natural, and Ash Brown families, you can customize and celebrate your silver shade.

100% Coverage

While Color Gels Oils offers up to 100% gray coverage, this service isn’t just about complete coverage, gray hair needs a rejuvenating touch as well. This is where Redken Color Gels Oils really shines. With the addition of Apricot Oil for smoother, shinier hair, you’ll also notice hair is improved with +78% shine* and 30% condition**. *vs uncolored hair **vs non-conditioning shampoo.


Soft Blending


Let’s say you’re not ready for complete coverage or to fully embrace your grays either — this is when gray blending is ideal. Instead of going one way or the other, you can walk the line with a mix of highlights and lowlights to gently enhance or diffuse your natural grays. This is also a great idea for anyone looking for more dimension in their tone. A mix of lightning techniques coupled with Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside and Color Gels Oils is the ideal combo to gently blend your grays and improve your tone.


Covering Resistant Grays


Hair that is resistant to gray coverage can happen for a multitude of reasons. If your hair tends to be resistant, your stylist can utilise Redken Color Gels Oils + dedicated techniques to get you the coverage you’re after. From adding heat or placing resistant areas in foils, when it comes to beautiful gray coverage and a smooth, shiny, strengthened finish — Color Gels Oils is your match.


Gray Coverage in A Flash

Committing to a gray coverage routine is also a great investment in your time. If you want flawless great coverage but are also looking to spend less time in the chair, Redken Color Gels Lacquers 10-Minute was made for you. This express technology gives up to 100% gray coverage in just 10 minutes and with Smart Pause Technology, you never have to worry about over-processing*. *virtually the same results between 10 and 15 minutes.

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