Benedetta Porcaroli Wore Schiaparelli To The ‘Vangelo Secondo Maria’ Milan Photocall

Benedetta Porcaroli Wore Schiaparelli To The ‘Vangelo Secondo Maria’ Milan Photocall

We all know that Benedetta Porcaroli is, or at least was, aligned with Prada.

However, for the ‘Vangelo Secondo Maria’ Milan photocall last week, the Italian actress ventured into surrealist fashion territory under Schiaparelli’s creative director Daniel Roseberry.

Her Spring 2024 ensemble featured an ivory button-down shirt tucked into a body-sculpting ruched skirt with a 3-D lobster detail.

While the concept is intriguing, the execution appears off, mainly due to Benedetta’s preference for oversized garments. The top half of her outfit, particularly, undermines the look.

This runway look, which pays homage to Elsa Schiaparelli’s 1937 ‘Lobster’ dress worn by Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, was originally worn by Zendaya during the Mexico leg of her ‘Dune: Part II’ photocall.

While Zendaya’s oversized shirt adhered to the runway’s styling, she maintained a proportionate fit that Benedetta’s look lacks.

Ultimately, Benedetta’s attempt to sell this look falls short. The oversized shirt disrupts the balance and elegance intended by the design, making it less effective in achieving the surrealist vision.

Do you agree?

Stylist: Sarah Grittini.

Schiaparelli Spring 2024

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