PARIS FRANCE  MARCH 03 Victoria Beckham is seen on March 03 2023 in Paris France.

After boyfriend jeans and mom jeans have both had their time in the spotlight. Now a new trouser trend is here: dad pants.

Cool and casual, this pant style has become a favorite among stylists and celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Hailey Bieber. In fact, we expect these trousers to become a classic cut that lasts well beyond the trend cycle. Why? They’re so comfortable and can be worn to almost any occasion, no matter how casual or chic.

Just look at how Beckham and Bieber for inspiration. Each interpreted the look so differently, as seen below, but to equal success.

Victoria Beckham embraces the dad pant with a more formal approach.

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LOS ANGELES CA  JUNE 24 Hailey Bieber is seen on June 24 2023 in Los Angeles California.

While Hailey Bieber styled her dad pants as a casual weekend look.


So let’s take a closer look at this pants trend and how to wear it in your everyday life. Here’s how to style dad pants at the office, on the weekend, to a party, and more.

What are dad pants?

But first, what exactly are dad pants? As the name suggests, this trend is inspired by men’s wardrobes. The shape of the pants is a mixture of classic suit trousers, a touch of cargo pants, and the coolness of wide sweatpants. Basically, like you’ve helped yourself to something from dad’s closet. Dad pants are characterized by a high waist, a loose cut, and deep side pockets. Many styles also feature creases, which makes them suitable for officewear.

Styling dad pants: How fashion pros are wearing the 2024 pant trend

Many stylists and fashion influencers prefer to combine dad pants with casual pieces to create a nice break from the formality of the trouser. They go for comfortable, almost sporty styles—wearing dad pants with sneakers, crop tops, plain T-shirts, and anything with an oversized cut.

But dad pants can also work as evening wear if you use the right accessories. Paired with high heels and an eye-catcher like a corset top or silk blouse, your dad pants can be a chic alternative for going out. To find the best look for your own styling preferences, we recommend trying on the trousers with different pieces from your own closet—or that of your friends and family—and seeing what unexpected combos you can find.

Ready to add dad pants to your closet? Then we have plenty of inspiration for you here on how to style the look for the weekend, at the office, and more everyday situations.

Dad pants with a blazer

One of the most popular ways to wear dad pants is in combination with an oversized blazer. One option is to select both in the same design for a cool office look. The Frankie Shop is known for its oversized suits, many of which include dad pants. Or go for a more casual look and style your trousers with a contrasting leather blazer, like influencer Darja Barannik does here.

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Dad pants and colorful sneakers

If you want to make your trousers look a little younger and fresher, you can style them with colorful sneakers like Rachell Sund does below. A splash of color like this works wonders at making the dad pants look a little more casual and unexpected.

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