Fan Bingbing Wore Georges Hobeika Couture To The ‘Elemental’ Cannes Film Festival Closing Ceremony Premiere

As I said in an earlier post, the magic of Cannes Film Festival is back, and one of the reasons for that is Fan Bingbing.

Her contribution to bringing so much glamour to the festival cannot be downplayed or denied.

Cannes is a time for summer gowns, but despite the moody hues of this Georges Hobeika Spring 2023 Couture, I still had goosebumps.

This gown is a perfect example of the label’s romanticism, with a dose of drama imbued by the layers of ombre feathers.

It’s a gown fit for a queen; exuding femininity and elegance while resembling a storm cloud.

Fan Bingbing always delivers. I didn’t realise how much this festival missed her until she returned.

Whoever selected the location for this photo shoot, needs a raise.

Georges Hobeika Spring 2023 Couture

Credit: Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images & Georges Hobeika

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