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Katie Holmes is not afraid of putting a little frump in her stride. See: the baggy slip dresses, the outsized camel coats, the Taylor Swift merch that could double as a pajama top and ankle-skimming denim skirts. Few readers will need to be reminded of when the actress once layered a minidress over a pair of jeans at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball—a look that precipitated even Emily Ratajkowski‘s and Kendall Jenner’s fashion choices two years on.

Katie Holmes in New York.


This is a woman who understands that it sometimes takes a real fashion brain to make a cumbersome silhouette look like a confident life choice. To that point: Holmes was photographed on June 11 strolling through Manhattan in a pair of patent flats—plucked from her recent collaboration with APC—and a knitted dress that cut across the most “awkward” point of her shins.

The official editorial line coming from this British Vogue is that this unflattering to some silhouette should now be considered a good thing. At the tail end of 2023, the magazine christened the “awkward skirt length” a style on the rise, arguing that bookish kilts had begun to overtake the ubiquitous and libidinous mini. They cast Andy Sachs as this movement’s poster girl but could just as feasibly chosen Katie Holmes.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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